Saving Proofs:

To save a proof for later you must be signed in. Name your proof in the "name your proof" input bar. If you enter a name and the proof is incomplete, the proof will be saved so you can finish it later. If you use a name that has been used before, the old proof will be updated to the new one.

Loading Repository Problems:

To load proofs from the problem repository you must be signed in. After you load a problem from the respository the "name your proof", "Premises", and "Conclusions" input bars are locked to ensure you are solving a repository problem. To start from scratch, click on the "restart proof checking from scratch" button.

Loading Finished Prepository Problems:

After you load a finished repository problem the "name your proof", "Premises", and "Conclusions" input bars are locked. Finished repository problems are intended to be used for reviewing already solved problems.